Oglethorpe Mall

Project Information

The Client

General Growth Properties (GGP) is a longtime client of Jones Sign Company. This particular project – Oglethorpe Mall in Savannah, GA – is one of many of GGP‘s high-end shopping centers across the nation. Oglethorpe Mall had a pylon sign that wasn’t visible enough for the business they wanted to drive.

The Challenge

Oglethorpe Mall had a pylon sign that wasn’t visible enough for the business they wanted to drive.They needed an updated, taller primary sign to draw traffic.

Savannah, GA is a historical city full of beautiful architecture. It is a place apart, documented well in the 1997 film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The aesthetic is – to put it mildly – very particular.

The Plan

Enter Vice President (and hoop-jumper extraordinaire) Mimi Olson to spin up a plan to print a 40 foot tall by 20 foot wide banner & hang it from a jib crane at different heights directly in front of the existing sign to To assuage city officials’ fear that the proposed sign would not fit the community aesthetic.

The Result

The plan worked perfectly and the city awarded a variance to not only Jones Sign Company to begin construction on a taller sign for Oglethorpe Mall, but incorporate a large EMC with an allowance to change the message 5 times more frequently than the city ordinances allowed.

Jones Sign Company’s keen awareness of municipal expectations and with interests focused sharply on what best would achieve client goals, Jones Sign Company’s Design team created a unique pylon sign design. On this sign, as pictured on this page – the upper cabinet is non-illuminated with pin-mounted, internally-lit channel letters mounted to the face. The cabinet sits on top of of an by EMC.Just beneath the EMC are anchor tenant identifiers, comprised of routed acrylic with push-through, internally-lit letters. This architectural sign technique ensures the sign has the high-end aesthetic important to the municipality and establishes that this GGP property is a high-end retail experience.

Savannah, GA
Project Status:
Complete - 2015
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